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The Port of Corpus Christi is mid-way along the Texas coast on the Gulf of Mexico. Shipping through the Port of Corpus Christi gives you the advantage of a strategic central location, plus Heavy lift capabilities and Dockside rail from multiple carriers. The Port's modern multi-purpose facilities are ideal for a variety of cargoes, and the warm, arid climate creates the perfect setting for year-round operations.

BBC Chartering is a world leader in the ocean carriage of heavy lift and project cargoes, supporting leading clients with a current fleet of 170 multi-purpose and heavy lift vessels. The BBC Chartering fleet portfolio ranges from 3,500 to 37,300dwat and features lifting capacities up to 900mt. Any capacity can be assigned to project requirements and hence guarantees a reliable, efficient, yet flexible transport solution engineered to charterer demands.


Founded by professionals who dispose of decades of experience in the shipping industry, Sea-Concert has been established to serve the Asian and international Shipping and Trading industry. A dedicated, skilled staff, aided by modern means of communication that are accessible 24/24, ensure prompt and reliable attendance to your needs - whether you are Ship Owner or Shipper, whether you are seeking the fastest despatch of your vessel in port or whether you wish to move your cargo at competitive rates and on a reliable schedule. Sea-Concert specialise in tailor-made transport solutions including the carriage of Project Cargoes and Heavy lifts worldwide, but those are as much part of our daily business as the fixture of commodities such as steel, paper, rice and other break bulk and bulk commodities.

Port of Vancouver USA is a global hub of opportunity, positioned at a key crossroads of ocean-bound and river shipping lanes, interstate highways and national rail lines. Equally important, we make a priority of fostering key relationships - with international partners, local industry, and the community in which we live and work. The Port of Vancouver USA has a proven track record for handling project cargo. We are a global leader in the importing of wind energy components and are a gateway for large modularized components for the oil and gas industry via the Columbia Snake River System into North America. The port’s two Liebherr mobile harbor cranes can operate at any breakbulk berth at the port and have a lifting capacity of 140 metric tons each. Together, the cranes can lift an impressive 210 metric tons. Terminal 2, Berth 3 is equipped with a Paceco multi-purpose crane with a 51-metric ton capacity and a 115-foot outreach. The port has designated Terminal 2, Berth 3 as a project cargo berth and may give berthing preference to ocean-going ships loading or discharging project cargo.

The Port of Portland in USA is the port district responsible for marine activities and overseeing Portland International Airport. The Port of Portland owns four marine terminals, including Oregon’s only deep-draft container port, and three airports. Port of Portland's marine terminals are located outside the population center with nearby main line rail and interstate highways minimizing congestion for both rail and truck traffic. The Portland Harbor exports the second largest amount of wheat from the United States and the Columbia River system, including Portland, is third largest wheat export gateway in the world.[13] The Port is the fifth largest auto import gateway in the country, and the largest mineral bulk port on the U.S. west coast. Marine terminals are located along the Willamette River and the Columbia River. Terminals are served by rail (Union Pacific and BNSF railroads), connecting interstates, and river barges. Around one thousand businesses and corporations are said to use the Port's marine facilities.


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