Jimmy Jaber Appointed New UniportBilbao´s Chairman

The Board of Directors, by delegation of the General Assembly, has recently appointed Mr. Jaber Bringas (Sparber Líneas Marítimas, S.A. and PPG member for Spain) as new chairman of UniportBilbao/Port Community. Jaber Bringas replaces Óscar Santisteban who leaves the Association after his second term of four years.


Jaber Bringas, with more than forty years of experience in the transport & logistics sector, forms the Uniport's Executive Committee together with Asier Atutxa (Port of Bilbao Authority) as first vice chairman, Andima Ormaetxe (A. Pérez y Cía) as second vice chairman, Asier Varona (SIB Port) as secretary and Jon Loroño (686 Transportes Logísticos y Portuarios) as treasurer.


UniportBilbao, whose objectives are the improvement of the competitiveness and the promotion of the Port of Bilbao, is one of the strategical cluster in the Basque Country (Northern Spain).


Formed in 1994, it gathers nearly all of the port private companies, the whole administrations with responsibilities in the sector (Port Authority; Customs; Health; Veterinary and Phitosanitary Inspection; Quality / Industrial Security Control Services); and institutions (Basque Government, Bizkaia Government or the Bilbao Town Hall), among its 130 members.