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PPG is delighted to advise the appointment of Linuship Transitarios Lda.

ICT Internationale Container Transport GmbH in Germany has successfully shipped out two large part-charters ex Germany to Ghana.


The first shipment comprises 8,500cbm and the second 9,500cbm of concrete pipes including several Shippers Own Containers, were loaded in Germany by the selected professional port crew and shipped to Tema.


PPG has been named as finalist for the Lloyds 21st Annual Australian Shipping & Maritime Industry Awards  under the “Maritime Services” category.


This award recognises exceptional achievement or contribution to any service sector of the Australian maritime industry by a company, individual or organisation. Open to agents, brokers, classification societies, legal practitioners, finance providers, telecommunications or IT suppliers, security services, TRAINING & EDUCATION companies or institutions.


BNC Publishing has published Top 20 Powerlist in the Middle East, in which Mr. Baheej Biqawi, CEO was ranked 4th. MLC was among the list of companies, which have demonstrated extraordinary expertise and talent in the Logistics Industry. This is the ranking of the region’s most influential executives from the logistics sector, which included the industry’s most prominent figureheads. The shortlisted companies play an important role in the success and growth of Logistics activities throughout the Middle East.


The PPG project forwarding education program has once again been nominated for Lloyds List “Maritime Services Award” for exceptional achievement or contribution to the Australian maritime industry.


Head trainer and PPG Founder/CEO, Kevin Stephens, advises "the course has attracted over 500 participants from 55 countries over the past 7 years and is held exclusively with all Breakbulk Conferences and Exhibitions globally".

During the night of 26-27 September 2016, PPG member in Belgium, HEAVY Logistics NV, reached a new milestone and safely guided the heaviest module in the scope of an important investment by an Antwerp-based refinery.


With a total transport weight of 1,089.60 tons and transport dimensions reaching a length of 35m, width of 14m and height of 28m, HEAVY Logistics successfully used all of its experience and knowledge.

Huge Transformer Transported by Wangfoong (Pic 1) - Wangfoong Transportation has successfully delivered of 2 sets of oil water cooling auto transformers (main-body weight 168 tons each) and ancilliary equipment from Shanghai to Hong Kong.  Wangfoong went to great lengths to coordinate the delivery, prepare a detailed statement of work as well as a risk assessment. Wangfoong provided barges to receive cargo from inbound mother vessel and discharge the transformers and accessories to trailers at the project site via a heavy-lift floating crane. 


Laredo City and the port of Corpus Christi have signed an agreement. The signees were, inter alia, Laredo's mayor Pete Saenz, the Texan city manager Jesus Olivares, congressman Henry Cuellar and Texas state representative Richard Peña Raymond, together with the port authorities John La Rue, executive director and Charles W. Zahn, chairman of the Texan port commission.


GLOBAL networking and project forwarding education organisation, the Project Professionals Group, will on Saturday August 27 mark its 10 year annivaersay. Founder and general manager, Kevin Stephens said since forming the network it had attracted “an experienced and trusted group of project forwarders”.

Shin-Jo Logitech Co., Ltd. In Korea are presently at Iki Island, Japan, for towing floating equipment (SCP Barge) to Korea. All arrangements for towing have just been completed. One unit of 4,600HP of ocean towing tug will tow this equipment. Safe voyage!

Saturday 27 August marks the 10th year of Project Professionals Group. PPG founder and general manager Kevin Stephens said since forming the network it had attracted an experienced and trusted group of project forwarders from around the world. “Managing high value project cargos is a specialized industry and I am very proud of the reputation our members have in meeting the needs of their clients,” Mr Stephens said. “PPG has very loyal members and sponsors and I would like to thank them all for their support over the past 10 years.”